Arrange for kitchen or bathroom tiling services in Omaha, NE

Does your kitchen look bland and boring? Consider adding some color to your home with kitchen tiling services from Shandy Merritt Tile & Stone. Tile is durable, timeless and comes in a large selection of styles, colors and patterns.

Our tile installer can work with you to create a backsplash or flooring design that you'll love. Once you settle on the style you want, we'll install your choice of tile in every area you want. Contact us today to set up kitchen tiling services in the Omaha, NE area.

Replace your outdated bathroom floor

Many homes use flooring options like vinyl in the bathroom. If you don't love your bland bathroom floor, replace it with bathroom tiling. You'll appreciate that bathroom tile is...

Extremely resistant to staining and water damage, so it'll look great for years
Highly durable and can withstand everything from heavy foot traffic to dropped objects
Easy to repair by replacing individual broken tiles if they're ever damaged
Resistant to high humidity, making it perfect for people who love hot showers

Take advantage of bathroom tiling in your home or office by calling us at 402-913-6550.